Free Park Jam Workshops - Held Saturday May 21st

Tech Week

This was all part of Auckland's Tech Week

A total of 23 FREE workshops and displays held on the day that people took part in at the Ōtara Town Centre;

  • 3D Printing - there were workshops including using recycled plastic.
  • Animation - this could be the start of your next animated film production. See you at the Oscar's!
  • Bike Fix It - Kids learnt how to rebuild their own or someone else's bike.
  • Digital Early Learning devices - some of the latest cool devices that your kids could be using at pre-schools were on display.
  • Digital Music -people were able to record & create their own digital music.
  • Digital Youth -Showed what our youth are doing in Ōtara using Digital Tools.
  • Facepainting - Awesome works!
  • Futuristic Transport - Aerodynamics, energy and sustainability and  how these hold the keys to our cars of the future. Wow this was awsome
  • Gaming - Kids learnt about creating games not just playing them. This a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide.
  • Hour of Code - who said you couldn't write your own computer code. Kids learnt how easy it can be.
  • Makerspace Woodwork - Participants learnt how to use items that others throw out to create you own innovative structures.
  • PC Fixit - Fixing you own PC or take a look in behind what makes them work.
  • Robotics - Mbots & Cubelets. These needed to be seen to be believed.
  • Social Media - We now have more Social Media experts.
  • Solar Power - from this local example people learnt how their houses could be self-sufficient by creating their own power. No more rising power bills.
  • Street Art - Participants created their own amazing street graphics.
  • Video Making - Digital tools were used to create people's own videos.


Have a look at some of the great photos from the day.>>>