Introducing "Digital Foundations"

In October 2013 at the invitation of Cr Arthur Anae, Accelerating Auckland established a “Think Tank” to consider how we might increase access to digital skills and capability for pre-schoolers in high need communities.

Priority communities were identified on the basis of Census data and Sector Specialist “Think Tank” advice.

  • At the 2013 Census there were 1214 licensed early childhood providers in Auckland. From the perspective of Auckland’s 281 Southern Initiative providers, facilities are located as follows:

  • The Think Tank’s anecdotal observation is that Centres in these Local Ward areas are underserved in terms of access to effective early learning digital resources.


“To increase digital capability for educators, children and their families in a meaningful and sustainable way for early learners by leveraging effective early learning practice in Digital Teaching & Learning by supporting:

  • development of lifelong digital learning habits
  • self perception as capable and competent learners“


  • Integrated digital teaching and learning at Early Learning facilities improves student outcomes
  • Digital learning experience ahead of entering school is the foundation for engaging in learning with digital devices at school
  • Digital optimisation of Learning Centre management and administration, enhances engagement with whanau and community