Collaborating for Equity

Just imagine…if we could ensure ALL Aucklanders are among the most digitally enabled in the world, fully equipped to lead creative, innovative and fulfilling careers, nurture their dependants and grow our nation’s economy.



We are working to realise that future, for Auckland and Aucklanders. 

As an NGO operating in South Auckland for more than 15 years, delivering 3 key outcomes:

•Igniting learning passion with children, youth and adults through local skills and innovation programmes, opportunities and partners through Science and Tech “Geek Camps” and Environmental projects

•Unlocking local potential through upskilling programmes, collaborations supporting pathways to local employment and pastoral care; A2E and LEAP supporting locals in to local work and upskilling programmes; Computer skills, Literacy and Numeracy, Mohio Maori and Te Reo

•Enabling entrepreneurial mind sets through developing locally led Community Enterprise supporting Food Access and Recycled Clothing and our Entrepreneur in Residence

Igniting Learning Passion in Otara.

Accelerating Auckland is the beginning of our journey!

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